Shea Moisture: Manuka Honey & Yogurt Line

Hey Y’all,

My goal aside from healthy hair is to also curate the perfect regimen for my thick and curly mane. One that adds to and maintains the moisture balance in my otherwise dry hair, while also promoting hair growth and length retention. Everything so far is so good! I have managed to fall even more in love with my natural curl pattern, more than I ever thought I would and these products are part of the reason why!

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Kiss My LASH

Whenever I feel like my look needs a little enhancing, I like to pop on my fave false eyelashes by Kiss. When it comes to my make-up applications, I’ve always preferred the natural, [soft] feminine look. Keeping that in mind when I apply my make-up, I prefer to maintain that look even when I am “enhancing,” so I always keep a couple of boxes of Kiss Natural Lashes in the look Shy (apprx $4.49) on hand. The way I would describe the look of these lashes is soft, dainty, feminine, and natural! I just started really wearing make-up this past summer and the following picture was my first attempt at putting on and wearing falsies.



*These lashes are super inexpensive and are available for purchased at Target, Walmart, Walgreens, etc.