Gabriel Cosmetics

Gabriel Foundation Look
Liquid Foundation: Tawny – Tan to Dark Skin/Warm; Dual Powder: Deep Beige – Dark Skin/Warm

I don’t believe in New Year Resolutions, but for 2018 I have decided to try to be a healthier me. This means a more self-aware, health-conscious, and committed version of myself. To begin my journey I have started paying attention what I put in and on my body.  One day while strolling the aisles of Sprouts I saw a little display case which housed Gabriel Cosmetics with two other brands. I hadn’t intended to purchase any make-up that day but something in me said to just browse the options.
Prior to my outing I had been scouring the internet researching different brands and trying to shade match myself to photos on company websites and under Instagram hashtags, and based on the available shade descriptions. Green beauty can get expensive with and without shipping, and I was very hesitant to invest not only my money but my time in shipping and waiting for products that may or may not work for me. Anyone who is/has transitioned to green beauty has probably noticed the limited availability of products to purchase in store and color selections, so imagine my surprise when I encountered Gabriel Cosmetics.

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FOUNDation (2): Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation

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Shade: Deep Sand

 (Deep skin with yellow undertones)

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FOUNDation (1): MAC Studio Fix Powder

Hey y’all,

I’ve decided to initiate a new series here on the blog, this series will be comprised of foundation tests where I swatch all types of “foundations” from BB/CC creams to tinted moisturizers to full-fledged foundations. I will cross the spectrum of sheer, medium,  and full coverage; powders, creams, and liquids; high-end and drug store quality, all for your viewing pleasure. The purpose of this series is to showcase the foundations’ color profiles, texture, and wear in combination with my skin’s complexion and chemistry. Hopefully, the posts consistent with this series will help y’all identify if these are some things you wish to spend your money on, whether it be for the formula, wear, cost, or color range availability. I hope y’all enjoy!

Shade: NC45

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Brow Down

Brows are where the shape and size actually matter. I am in no way an eyebrow expert, but I have picked up on the latest trend of thick and shapely eyebrows.  Jessie James Decker (Singer/Songwriter), who adamantly preaches against the dangers of walking around with “spermy-looking eyebrows;” Lily Collins (Actress) who’s always been ahead of the trend, rocking her wonderfully thick brows; to Cara Delevingne (Model) with her infamously BOLD standout brows; finally… the OG brow girl Brooke Shields.The trendiness of thick and full brows has given creed to eyebrow tinting and extension (yes, this is a real thing)! [extension inquiry]

I never really took much stalk in my eyebrows, until last year when I really started getting into makeup. I have always brush them and applied gel to keep tame them in, but my mother never would allow me to wax, pluck, thread, or tint my them, because “God gave you perfect eyebrows, why would you want to mess them up?” And like most mothers she is always right and as a result always know better, before I do (thank you mom). Here are what my untouched brows look like:

Brow (untouched)

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