Y’all it’s FALL! Sorry I’ve been away for so long, school started back in August and I’ve been workin’ and doing my thang, so I’ve finally settled into to some sentiment of a routine to be able to write this review up for you lovelies.

A (way) while back my fav, @jessiejamesdecker posted to her Instagram a photo of some makeup goodies recommended to her, and since I am hypnotized by makeup, reviews, and Youtube, I just had to search it out. My initial recon brought on a mild sense of shock as I saw the prices of said beauty products; it wasn’t too discouraging, the prices, but from a brand I had never heard of, let alone a solely online company where I can’t personally swatch and feel the color palettes and textures of the products, I wasn’t willing to risk it. To be honest, I am a college student on a budget and I, like many, work very hard for my money, so I like to be wise and look for solid, not always sure, but solid investments.

I was going back and forth with whether or not to try something of @Beautycounter, with its promise of safer beauty and of being paraben and preservative free their mission aligned closely with my values and beauty needs.  This lead to a tug-of-war between my financial values and my health values… but as luck would have it Target  (lineup photo below) came through in the clutch and delivered an amazing brand and opportunity at my doorstep. As soon payday hit, I ran to Target (two in total) to buy what would be the last balm on the shelf.


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Brow Down

Brows are where the shape and size actually matter. I am in no way an eyebrow expert, but I have picked up on the latest trend of thick and shapely eyebrows.  Jessie James Decker (Singer/Songwriter), who adamantly preaches against the dangers of walking around with “spermy-looking eyebrows;” Lily Collins (Actress) who’s always been ahead of the trend, rocking her wonderfully thick brows; to Cara Delevingne (Model) with her infamously BOLD standout brows; finally… the OG brow girl Brooke Shields.The trendiness of thick and full brows has given creed to eyebrow tinting and extension (yes, this is a real thing)! [extension inquiry]

I never really took much stalk in my eyebrows, until last year when I really started getting into makeup. I have always brush them and applied gel to keep tame them in, but my mother never would allow me to wax, pluck, thread, or tint my them, because “God gave you perfect eyebrows, why would you want to mess them up?” And like most mothers she is always right and as a result always know better, before I do (thank you mom). Here are what my untouched brows look like:

Brow (untouched)

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PR: Physician Formula

Physicians Formula Eye Booster Lash Kit

I have recently stumbled across the newest innovation in lash technology… these little Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 10.38.58 PMtiny phenomenon known as, Lash Extension Fibers! Lash fibers are lightweight, sculpting fibers that build upon your own lashes to create a naturally voluminous lash look.

Makeup companies such as Younique, Too Faced, Tarte, and Make-up Forever have jumped on the lash fiber bandwagon, coming out with their own “brush on lash extensions”. The least of which cost $20 minimally, but recently I’ve stumbled across my beauty steal of the moment, Physicians Formula Eye Booster Lash Kit ($11.99) and it actually works!

Guaranteed longer, thicker, fuller lashes in minutes! The mascara/fiber duo is buildable and has a flawless after effect. The above photo displays three coats of mascara and two of the lash fibers. FOREWARNING: prepare yourself for tons of open eye contact and an outpour of lash compliments!
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Lashing Out


This thing I like to call the “Kardashian Kraze” produced two great obsessions, big butts and long luscious lashes. The beauty industry has erupted with lash [extension] lounges everywhere and lavish promises of extreme lash enhancements from serums to magic mascaras to lash to falsies. I have experimented with all options, except serum because I am not committed enough to apply the serum diligently, plus have you read some of the side effects? The most disconcerting of which, is the “irreversible skin darkening”… umm, no thank you! I just wanted longer, thicker lashes without the accompaniment of weird skin patches or eye irritation.

These little lashes have caused a big stir in recent years. I mean women have always sought after the luscious “butterfly effect” lashes institutionalized, first by Hollywood and then the beauty industry. I to obsess over having long beautiful eyelashes, even without any makeup on lashes just have a way of softening and/or enhancing your look. From subtly soft to sexy sultry, eyelashes have become a beauty class all their own.

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