Shea Moisture: Manuka Honey & Yogurt Line

Hey Y’all,

My goal aside from healthy hair is to also curate the perfect regimen for my thick and curly mane. One that adds to and maintains the moisture balance in my otherwise dry hair, while also promoting hair growth and length retention. Everything so far is so good! I have managed to fall even more in love with my natural curl pattern, more than I ever thought I would and these products are part of the reason why!

Shea Moisture is one of the most well-known natural hair friendly brands. I first discovered it as a bath and body company in 2012. The first product I ever purchased from them was their African Black Soap body wash. To this day I still exclusively bathe with African black soap, but I digress. This post is going to be highlighting the wonderful benefits and my results from using their Manuka Honey & Yogurt line.

The beautiful color-scheme and the packaging are the first highlight. I love pastels and before this line blew up on YouTube and Instagram  I saw the corner aisle display introducing the newest addition to the Shea Moisture family in Ulta.  In my opinion, this is the prettiest packaging the company has rolled out to date, the soft cream, gold, and baby blue are just so sweetly paired. Speaking of sweet the aroma of these products are a sweet, subtle, fresh clean scent. It is slightly floral scent that is actually refreshing and hardly self-noticeable after a couple of hours.

The key benefits of the line include: Manuka Honey which helps provide moisture and boost shine; yogurt extract adds nourishing moisture; and natural Mafura Oil softens and promotes healthy-looking hair. Since using these products my wash and go’s have lasted four days before I personally felt the need to refresh my hair.

The first product of the line I bought was the Hydrate + Repair Split End Balm. It was the last one on the shelf while the rest of the line was sold out. The balm seals and reduces the appearance of split ends giving the illusion of freshly cut locks, and the combination of SM-Honey & Yogurt Split-End Balmingredients hold ends together for a frizz-free finish. The balm helps my hair to look even healthier than what it already is, especially when it’s time for a trim and I’m not immediately going to get one.  The issue for some may be the thick waxy consistency of the product. It’s almost as if candle wax was poured into a little container and sold. The balm is thickest when you first get the product, but from the pressure and heat of your fingertips the wax melts into the manipulative texture like petroleum jelly.

Now, someone reading this comparison may think, then why not just use $0.99 Vaseline? Petroleum jelly may have the same effect for managing split-ends, but petroleum jelly won’t absorb as readily through the hair shaft and the oils would get on your clothes, skin, and anywhere you lay your head. Considering summer is fast approaching I wouldn’t want petroleum jelly running down my face or messing up my clothes. The split-end balm absorbs readily into the hair shaft and leaves my end buttery soft, fluffy (yet not puffy), and “manicured” on the ends. To use, scoop a fingertip amount into the palms of your hand and rub them together until the product melts down into a workable consistency, then apply to the ends of freshly washed. I found that on dry hair my ends became matted and I had to wash out the product and use it as I just explained. This product does not claim to necessarily repair splits-ends, but to improve the appearance of them.


  • odorless
  • softens hair
  • moisturizing
  • thick
  • workable
  • controls frizz


  • easily causes matted hair

Finally, after three weeks of being sold out online and in-store I was able the other parts of the line. The Hydrate + Repair Protein-Strong Treatment is strengthening cream to naturally SM-Honey & Yogurt DCreinforce and revitalize over-processed, abused hair fibers, while reducing breakage.This deep conditioner is a consistency similar to whipped butter or lotion. It is the thickest DC I have ever used! What’s more this can be used pre- and mid- wash.  I personally prefer to use this as a pre-wash intensive treatment rather than after shampooing.

Though I have not used the new DevaCurl Wash Day Wonder which claims to reduced the time you spend washing your hair. The claims that the latter product makes I would attribute to the Protein-Strong Treatment, especially if your hair needs protein. My hair was quick and easy to detangle, and my curls became bouncy and soft. I leave the treatment on for 10 minutes on days I’m in a rush and 20 minutes otherwise. I will definitely repurchase this product, especially if I am heat-styling my hair. Apply this on damp to soaking hair in sections and detangle, let it sit, then proceed with wash day.


  • curl-defining
  • buttery texture
  • smooths hair
  • detangles
  • effective
  • inexpensive


Multi-action is right! The Hydrate + Repair Multi-Action Leave-In absorbs quickly and  SM- Hone & Yogurt Leave-inreconditions and hydrates hair. It also, apparently preps for easy styling. The packaging claims that this can protect hair from high heat up to 450 degrees, while reducing breakage. I have yet to try it as a heat styling aid, but I am creating a hair tutorial on how a straighten my curly hair and I will use it then for y’all to see the results and if I recommend this product for that.  I currently use this each night to keep my ends, which are the driest part of my hair hydrated throughout the week.  Having a consistency and appearance similar to that of milk, makes this a lightweight leave-in and puts just the right amount of hydration back into my tresses to prepare them for a new day.


  • lightweight
  • hydrating
  • softens hair


Since these are Ulta exclusives and also considered a drugstore brand of products they always qualify for the Ulta coupons (via e-mail, mail, and RetailMeNot) along with the in-store deals. Currently, Ulta has all Shea Moisture hair care for BOGO 50% off. As always I have enjoyed reviewing these products for y’all and here are my wash day results!



P.S. Let me know if y’all would like a night curl preservation/ maintenance routine and/or a how I refresh my curls. What I do for my hair differs from day-to-night and I’d be happy to share both!




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