Transition to Natural

Now that I’ve completed my transition to natural hair, it has inspired me to look at other aspect of my life and beauty regimens. Apparently, I was not out here living my best life. Going forward I have decided to work towards a healthier state of living, living today for tomorrow’s satisfaction. This entails taking care of my skin, hair, body, and overall well-being. It would be easiest to stay in the mindset of how I don’t need much to take care of myself now, but the goals is to take such tender care now so that I’m not playing catch-up later. Too often beauty is reactive instead of proactive, so I’ve decided to be proactive in how I maintain my health and beauty.

Upon research I found that there aren’t many of my products  that don’t contain something synthetic, chemical, or potentially harmful. So when I know better, I do better.

Getting started…

Now, I didn’t immediately throw out all of my products. A lot of the stuff I was using I had used my entire life, so the thought process was that it wouldn’t be a determent to myself to complete the use of the product. It’s also wasteful to throw out hoards of products, not to mention replacing everything all at once would have been too expensive. In the mean time I went with my list into drugstores and Ulta and looked at what products were safe. As I began running out of things I started replacing them with the products I had researched, especially when they were on sale or a part of a a great deal.

Transitioning to natural is a gradual process. I did wake up one day and decide to transition, but the transformation does not take place overnight. I found a general list of ingredients to avoid, I printed if off and kept it in my purse to refer to when out shopping for products. I also utilized the website: to look-up products I already had in my cabinets.

The Environmental Working Group creates online profiles for cosmetics and personal

EWG Rating

care products and their potential hazards and health concerns. The website is super easy to navigate, there is a large search bar in the center of the webpage where you can search by ingredient, product, or brand. EWG’s Skin Deep database provides you with easy-to-navigate ratings  for a wide range of products and ingredients on the market. In future reviews you will be able to click the product name and it will take you to the products’ EWG’s profile. Along with the product name and description I will provide the ingredient list, and within the lists y’all will see underlined ingredients that will open a new tab to Paula’s Choice Ingredient Dictionary with the ingredients’ profiles for convenience purposes. The dictionary uses the simple rating system of best (blue), good (green), bad (red). Now there are slight variations of ingredient concern between the two sites, but for the most part they agree on the most hazardous materials.

Another alternative is the THINK DIRTY app. It can be downloaded to any mobile device EWGand you can look products up using the search engine or by scanning the barcode with your camera lens. The app will then pull up a profile similar to the EWG format, the difference is when a new product is on the market and their profiles aren’t available yet, you can submit a report to have the app create one. This does not take place immediately, but you can still look up the ingredients individually through EWG or Paula’s Choice websites.

EWG allows you to create and account and “build your own report.” For example, you buy a new to market moisturizer you can manually type everything into the system and EWG will pull the profile and research into one area for you to view instead of looking up each ingredient one-by-one. In the beginning this can be a hassle, but you will slowly start to recognize what to avoid and be able to casually scan ingredient lists and whether to use it or not. At on point, I was snapping pictures of the ingredients and going home to look them up before committing to a purchase, I understand though, that not everyone has the time for that. Find your rhythm and learn what you are comfortable using and all will be well.

I’m completely thrilled with the direction my blog is heading in. I will keep y’all updated on my personal finds and what works for me. As far as my reviews go, I will begin to go more in-depth (aforementioned) and I will add in more lifestyle posts, I also want to add video tutorials potentially. please let me any other things y’all would like to see or hear from me specifically. Love y’all!






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