Q&A: Transitioning Hair

Why did you get a relaxer? My hair is the thickest I’ve ever seen it, but my mom says that it was like this when I was younger. When I asked her why she decided to relax my hair in the first place, she says it was because it was “too thick”. Fortunately, I have always had a positive experience with relaxers, so I have a benevolent view of them; by relaxing my hair it made it easier for both my mom and I to comb my hair. Ultimately, my mom did it to help preserve the quality of my hair until I was ready to take on the full responsibility for myself.

How old were you when you got your first relaxer? 8 or 9

What relaxer did you use? I’ve only ever used Just For Me (regular).

Do you prefer your relaxed or natural hair? I understand and appreciate how my mom took care of my hair before I went away to college. Her decisions were so that I could have long and strong hair,  but I also appreciate the journey I am on now. I cannot wait to see my hair as one consistent texture again, but I think I could have my hair either way really.  I know that I am no longer bound by scheduled relaxer treatments, and for the first time I am responsible for my own hair (my mom was the only one who did my hair before: trims, washes, relaxers, and pressing).

Why transition now? It was just time… There are many motivating factors to my journey, but I primarily didn’t want to have my hair doing this when I was completely enthralled in my career and life outside of school. I was also curious as to what my actual hair looks like. There are no photos to prove that my curls ever existed, like they’re a myth, an I wanted to see them. Plus, I am in the right mindset and of the right maturity to care for my hair properly and effectively. This journey came at a time when  I desired more control in my life and it offered it to me, and for that I am grateful.

When do you plan to “big chop”? Probably two years in, but there is no rush. I will be more inclined to cut off the relaxed ends once my natural hair is at least shoulder blade length (unstretched).

Current length of natural hair? approximately 5″ (unstretched) or to the base of my earlobe.

What is your hair type? I don’t know.

When was your last perm? 03/06/16, I have also not used heat or a blow dyer since this date as well.

How frequently do you wash your hair? Depending on the weather (and activity level), bi-weekly or monthly.

Here is where the Q&A ends. If y’all have any other questions, I’d be happy to answer them!




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