PR: L’Oreal EverCurl Sulfate-Free System

The story goes: Target had one of their red-tag specials, buy three and get a $5 Target card (basically BOGO) on the L’Oreal EverCurl Sulfate-Free Shampoo/Conditioner ($5.99). I hadn’t heard much on the L’Oreal systems and couldn’t find too many reviews on YouTube or other hair blogs, so had I no expectations for this results of this product.

Originally, the price and availability of this product was a huge purchasing factor; how amazing would it be to achieve the perfect wash-n-go with $6 drugstore products, but no. I am (what feels like) forever searching for the perfect wash-n-go set. I am now not any closer to discovering the ‘perfect system’; or I am because I have eliminated another product on the market from my repertoire. Anyways, when I typically review hair products, I only write the review after they become “empties,” but I will NEVER use this again on my hair. After two uses, my hair straight out of the shower had so much shrinkage and was extremely dry and tangled, even after using a Denman brush and deep conditioner.

The duo as advertised is, “non-drying, anti-frizz, and [has] natural botanicals.” Not this stuff, this product is NOT for coarse or dry hair! This product was extremely drying and had little to no slip (granted I have THICK hair), not to mention, I was not pleased with it’s poignant fragrance. The duo as advertised is, “non-drying, anti-frizz, and [contains] natural botanicals… gently cares for curls… hydrating botanicals provide smooth, defined curls.” My hair was stripped completely of its oils, and my curls were definitely not “weighed down” from the application of this set, but my shrinkage was a direct result of my curls retracting to my scalp, the nearest source of oil to stay hydrated. My hair was snagging in the Denman and “snapping”, so I had to stop my wash day routine and reevaluate it’s execution. Wash day was a disaster, and I am pretty sure that my hair is in shock from using these products.

On another note, I have extreme scent sensitivity. I don’t wear perfumes or strong-scented deodorants; everything I use is non-scented, my laundry detergent is free and clear, I use unscented Dr. Bronner’s castile soap, and my deodorant is unscented as well. If you are like me, this product will assault your nose and the scent lingers for about two days after initial use. For some,  this might be a pro and not a con, but I prefer more muted and softer scents. The scent is difficult to describe or attribute, it’s intensely floral and sweet. The shampoo smells slightly soapy, and though the conditioner it light it also packs a punch! My eyes tend to water after use of the EverCurl system, and my nose tickles.  As for the packaging, the set comes in tubes (like larger toothpaste bottles), that are difficult to close without force. I usually have to slam it against my shower wall to get the snap closure secured.

The Shampoo

Sodium Chloride also known as table salt is in the ingredients list; as we all know salt is used as a drying/stripping agent. I would never want to use a salt-based product to add moisture to my hair when the very institution of using salt is to dry out meat and and preserve foods from spoilage (i.e. beef jerky). The purpose of the salt may be to reduce oils the would weigh down curls, but the reverse of that is advanced shrinkage of your curls because they are drawing up to their source of (natural) moisture, your scalp. At the end of my wash my hair looked like two inches of new growth verses five inches of (stretchered) curls.

The Conditioner

There were two big no-no’s in this portion of the products, mineral oil and isopropyl alcohol. Yes, I said alcohol, like the kind you use to disinfect, like 70-90% isopropyl alcohol. How in the world did this make it into the ingredients list for a “hydrating conditioner?” I was very annoyed to find it (tenth from the top and fifteenth from the bottom) of the ingredients list. Alcohol is a VERY drying agent, is what is applied topically before your doctor gives you a shot. I don’t want that on my hair, no matter if you added Coconut oil and Grape Seed Oil to counteract your own damage you’re inflicting upon my head. Nope. L’oreal would not be the first company to create a product wear it deliberately restricts your hair, only to be fixed by another product in the line, hence the recommendation of products being used as a “system”. L’Oreal on their actual product defines a system as, shampoo, conditioner, and any EverCurl treatment… I don’t think so.

I am usually weary of products that are advertised as use together, I appreciate the brands that advocate for use of other compatible products with their own brand. I have since switched over to the Carol’s Daughter: Sacred Tiare shampoo and conditioner set, and will post my review of the set in the future. Overall, I would not recommend this product to anyone. I f I cannot even allot complete usage of the product before reviewing, then you are just a horrendous product. If anyone else, had a different experience, please share, because I am curious as to what hair this works for and what techniques are use in your wash day routine with this system.



*TIP: For quick re-hydration, use the Burt’s Bee’s Avocado Pre-poo Treatment as a styler. I diluted it with water for an easier application.




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