PR: Julep: Get Glowing


Over the Christmas holiday I was “window shopping” inside of ULTA (really I had no need for new makeup nor did I have any wants, but I just browse the aisles in case anything jumps out at me). I overheard a sales associate promoting the Julep Creme-To-Powder Blush Stick ($24), and let me tell you the blush sticks are MAGIC and I got them for a steal!

Julep has a kit that is only available at ULTA, including, 2 Creme-To-Powder Blush Sticks, 1 Buildable Lengthening Mascara, and 1 Full-Coverage Lip Crayon (all full-sized) ($39). Individually priced the total value of this set is $88.

The blushes are soft, easily applied, and blendable with both fingertips and brush. The sit on the face nicely withing peeling or fading. I appreciated the fact that it melded with my natural skin texture, that it wasn’t a separate texture of its own that I had to make cooperative with my other products.

So what are you waiting for? Get Glowing!





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