PR: Beautycounter for Target


After my last post, I decided  that I needed to try out a few other products from the limited Target release of @Beautycounter products. I initially went for the Blusher/Bronzer duo, but then decided on the Color Stay Set of the Beautycounter lip gloss and cream blusher in Peony and Hibiscus (perfect colors for a Jasmine). I was very anxious to try any of the colors because it is a limited release and in my experience, limited releases or makeup kits tend to be geared towards fair-medium skin tones, and not richer tones. I really, really wanted these colors to work, without appearing ashened or invisible on my skin.

The swatches (below) alone quickly relieved any apprehension or pre-forming buyers remorse, I could quickly see that this product would work on a multitude of skin tones (without advertising itself as such, like some products or brands claim to be, but really aren’t).


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REVIEW: [blush] I absolutely loved the color, I typically don’t go for pinks, unless they are neon or purple-y fuschias, but this barbie pink is just adorable on me! I love the application and how it set on my skin. The color has magnificent staying power and pigment with just one swipe of the blusher. I believe it gave just the right pop of color without being over the top. My past blush palettes (three in total including this one) consisted of rich reddish-plums or gold-orange apricot (for just a soft natural flush), so I am beyond thrilled to now have my go to pink. After the initial application, my skin still felt bare. I had clear color on my cheeks, but it looked so natural like I had just been lightly jogging or so, but didn’t crease or evaporate or separate from my skin. It was like my face was wearing a perfect glove. The cream blusher’s finish is soft and dewy on the skin, just how I like my makeup to sit. If you desire a more matte finish, I would suggest a mattifying powder or powder blush to apply over top to dull out the dewiness of the product. As for how the product doubled as a lipstick, it also applied very well to my lips, pairing nicely with the Peony lipgloss.

[lipgloss]  Thick and smooth, but not sticky, this lip color gives slight color to your lips, while complementing the blusher. The lipgloss lasted for 5 hours (9a-2p), until a second application was needed after eating and drinking. The swatch slides (above) included an image of the lipgloss alone and the lipgloss applied over the cream blusher on my lips. I prefer the latter combination for a more pigmented look, especially because my lips are naturally lined and pigmented darker than the rest of my face. It’s a true Barbie combo.

This is an exceptional brand with quality products that I have greatly enjoyed exploring. I gradually want to build my inventory with their other products to round out by beauty arsenal, but until then I am completely thrilled about what I do have. Every product I have tried is high-performing, healthy, and trustworthy. Reviews on their other products such as their charcoal mask will be posted in the future.



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