College Series: Job Security

All of my working, college-bound friends, getting  ready to hand in their resignation and gleefully skip off to college should really consider transitioning instead to seasonal work! When you go away to college you will discover that money dissipates very quickly, becoming a seasonal worker will allow you to take up shifts at Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring Break, and Summertime. These are essential times for college kids to work because all the year-round workers will be looking to take that time off. Once you resign you have only the hope that your job will still be available upon your return, but after freshman year a lot of students come back looking for new jobs or first-time employment. Look towards the future and be proactive in securing your job by talking to your employer before leaving to make sure you will still have a job and a paycheck later down the line. Even if you are hoping to find a different job when you come back, keep to the source until you officially have the new job, and then hand in your resignation. Most jobs opt not to use college-bound or attending students (unless they are a bridge program or internship) because they see it as a waste of time and resources to train a worker who can only work a maximum of 3 months at a time,



TIP: If you have an employer willing to work with you, work with them too!


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