TIPSY Tuesday: Press Print

Each student at the start of every semester is awarded printing dollars use on on-campus printers to take care of any copy or print need they may have. The amount is minuscule in comparison to how many things each student is required to print. I’ve seen amount from $30 to $100 given out (actually it’s covered in your tuition), which may seem like a lot, but when color printing is $0.25/pg; regular printing/copying $0.10/pg; color copying $0.20/pg it adds up, especially when campuses disable to print front-and-back feature, so I here to offer y’all few tips to preserve your wisely.

Tip 1: Print all draft and notes 2 pg/sheet, only fully print final copies and assignments due to turn in. You don’t want to aggravate your professor by making them labor over itty-bitty characters (that could make all the difference after having to stare and copious amounts of sometimes dense or mediocre college essays (I mean that as positively as can be, even the words “greatest” writers are sometimes hard to sit through and read. Plus you don’t want to give them any reason to dock your points).

STEP-BY-STEP Word: *these steps are from the POV of Mac

  1. Select Print (hotkey: command P)
  2. Select the drop down menu “Copies & Pages” and change it to “Layout”
  3. Click the tab “Pages per sheet” and select 2
  4. Print

*If you have your own printer use this method to conserve ink, you will also be able to print your pages front and back!

P.S. REMEMBER to check that you have not selected to print your pages in color if that is not what you intend to do!

Tip 2: Print all Powerpoint Slides 2 to 4/page. It is really simple and cost effective to print multiple slides at a time while still leaving room for you to take adequate notes in the margins or on the back of the sheets of paper (if you cannot or do not print front and back). If some slides are too detailed or have images that you cannot see very well, go back and print those ones individually (or 2/page) to have them enlarged. You can easily slide them in place with your other pages before stapling.

STEP-BY-STEP Powerpoint:

  1. Select Print (hotkey: command P).
  2. Click the “Output” drop-down, select Black and White.
  3. Click the “Slides” drop-down, choose your preferred slide count (4/pg).
  4. Change the page’s orientation to fit Landscape (horizontal; left to right).
  5. Unselect the “Frame Slides” box.
  6. Print

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

P.S. REMEMBER to check that you have not selected to print your pages in color if that is not what you intend to do! If you want certain diagrams in color you can always go back and print that page by itself to save on printing in color(:

Tip 3: When printing off of a web page, highlight what you want to print EXACTLY (does not work for discontinuous information, highlight must be collective and continuous) before printing. Have you ever tried to print something off the internet and end up with millions of other unnecessary papers, from footer/headers to lengthy web addresses or pointless ads. If you highlight the area of the page you want to print and then modify the printing specification to only include the selection, it will eliminate the hassle of having to sort through mounds of wasted paper and save you TONS!

STEP-BY-STEP Websites:

  1. Highlight ALL text and images to be printed.
  2. Select Print (hotkey: command P)
  3. Click “More Settings” (i.e. setting, advance setting, etc.)
  4. Mark “Selection Only”
  5. Check the total sheet of paper and the preview
  6. Print

P.S. REMEMBER to check that you have not selected to print your pages in color if that is not what you intend to do!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.




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