PR: Mielle Organics

Don’t change your hair to fit your products, change your products to fit your hair.

As a curly girl and a future nurse, I have to support my people! Ms. Monique Rodriguez, founder of Mielle Organics specially formulated her products using her background in nursing to create a line where the product  work with your hair and its innate chemistry, rather than products whose agenda is to  manipulate your hair through chemically altering by means of  unnatural processing. I won’t bore you with the chemistry behind her products, just know that her claims and assertions are valid and align with the science she promotes and that I have used and paid for all products mentioned myself after patiently waiting for them to come to Sally’s stores near me.I started off by purchasing two of the esteemed players in Mielle’s line-up, the Mint Almond oil, and the Avocado hair milk.

A little goes a long way with the Mint Almond oil. It’s lightweight, and non-greasy and makes my hair and scalp feel amazingly tingly, so good. I am seeing good results with my hair by using Mielle organics. This oil stimulates my scalp and keeps it oiled and sealed. This natural oil promotes circulation with our peppermint oil. The almond oil is a protein in which our hair is made of protein so this oil binds to the hair sealing it and locking in moisture preventing breakage and shedding. It has a very strong mint fragrance, it was nauseating to me at first, but now I’m adjusted, but BEWARE if you do not like the smell of mint this product may not be for you. Last note, a very small amount lasts and lasts. I’ve owned this product for a couple of weeks now and am nowhere near half-way through the bottle.

My hair really loves the Avocado hair milk and it is so surprising. It makes my hair feel so soft and it like melts away the tangles. I highly recommend this product to everyone, natural or not. My hair not only absorbs the oil, but it is nourished afterward. Usually,with hair oils like Pink oil, my hair gets flattened and weighted down, but with the hair milk, my hair stays moisturized, smooth, soft, shiny; my curls pop and continually look refreshed. I love the products creamy consistency, and how EVERY drop slides right of the bottle, no remnant left. I am currently on my second bottle, with a third one in my counter line-up.I go through bottles of this product faster than any of the others. One bottle [for reference] lasted a little over two weeks on my long, thick hair.

The White Peony leave-in conditioner is very lightweight but packed with ultra-moisturizing ingredients to give your hair the moisture and protection it needs. “This product is great for natural and transitioning hair since it seals in moisture, smooths the cuticles, tames frizzies and flyaways, and protects against heat damage.” I use it as needed to daily in order to maintain my hair’s moisture and elasticity. It’s truly great for flyaways when I wear my hair in braids for a couple of days, and it denounces frizz from my hair from my day-to-day living. Immediately after washing my hair I will use the White Peony in conjunction with the hair milk, and then the mint oil.

This is one of my top favorite deep conditioners [there’s only three], but I’m not sure if I am more impressed with this one v. the Aussie 3-min Moist. I’ve been using this particular product once a week for a while now and I definitely seeing a difference in my hair. The growth, fullness, and the softness have me nearly in [over-dramatic] tears over how lovely my natural hair really is. The products itself has a fresh, florally scent, undertoned with mint (not as prominent as the mint almond oil), and it has a whipped-like consistency, feeling airy and lightweight. I was surprised when I opened the jar. This could easily last me a couple of months (used weekly).

If you could not already tell from the post, I am a very satisfied and happy customer. Mielle Organics will have my business for a long time! I can really tell my hair is greatly appreciative of the TLC I’ve been providing it since beginning my natural journey. It now has routine, consistency, and patience that I was neglecting to give it in my relaxed days. It has been surprisingly cooperative and more the manageable, outstanding during the (short) course of my transition; it is rewarding me for my support of its natural state.






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