PR: Aussie 3-min Miracle Moist

Ideal for dried out locks but great for all hair types.

• Deep Condition
• Shine
• Moisturize

 I must confess that I was skeptical about this at first, even after all of the rave reviews on Instagram and throughout the WebSphere. I bought this product at Kroger’s one dayScreen Shot 2016-07-03 at 1.36.24 AM on a whim and have not been disappointed with my hair results since. This product is worth ALL of the hype; it’s inexpensive and amazing quality. Aussie is really worth a try; I would highly recommend spending the $3 to pamper your precious locks.

I had tried too many expensive treatments and conditioners with no results for my curly hair. Even brushing my hair could be torturous, but this amazing little bottle has made my great difference in the way my hair feels since the first use. I was losing too large an amount of hair on wash days as it was very difficult to detangle, and keep it detangled, but now,my hair feels so smooth, silky , healthy and shiny. I have very thick, very dry/brittle hair (naturally), so it needs daily added moisture. I’m talking vitamin E oil, castor oil, hair and hair milks. My scalp drinks everything up usually, but here lately I’ve noticed a difference in its moisture retention level. After using Aussie, my hair days later still feels soft and completely hydrated; I’m finding that less and less oil is needed daily to prevent breakage and to stay hydrated. The product comes out as a sweet-smelling heavy cream; while, in my head it leaves my tresses silky smooth and soft, all while giving my hair its much-needed slip. One thing I do need to mention, which surprised when I got ready to use this, it’s not resealable. There is an open spot on the base where the product pours out when squeezing the sides. I thought it quite odd at first, but now I think it’s kind of quirky and fine. Regardless, of the outward design, this product should have a home on every countertop in America!





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