College Series: Just a Glimpse…

Hey Y’all,

I have a previous blog post listing out a few of my College Essentials, but here is a visual to show you someone the other things I brought to college, that aren’t necessarily essential for all, but could be things you wouldn’t think you’d need, but want.  You can see some of the things I brought for added comfort in the slideshow below.

I attended Baylor university from the years 2013-2015, and while I was there I lived in student on-campus housing, however my living arrangement wasn’t your typical dorm, rather it was apartment-style. My particular apartment had two bed, two baths, a kitchen and a living room. From the slideshow you can seem ways a structured my living space(s) to maximize space and minimize discomfort. Here’s the breakdown:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Though there was cabinetry in the kitchen, it was more like a kitchenette, and there weren’t any functioning drawers, so I brought a easy-to-assemble pantry rack to hold all of our goodies. In my room, the beds had built in risers, so I put my bed on the highest setting (I’m 5’10 and I need my bedside stool to get into bed), and stood my over-the-bed storage system just behind it. In those giant pink bins were my bath towels to keep them out of sight and neat, but the storage system itself came with two shelves and a drink holder/coat hook. For the bed itself, the room came with its own thin mattress, which I sprayed with Lysol before covering it with my own fresh mattress protector. I put my own memory foam mattress pad on top the [mattress] protector, and I could still cover both parts with my [twin x-long] sheets (the bottom mattress was actually so thin, that the sheets were able to cover both mattresses completely).

Everything that was hung on my walls was done so with those 3M wall adhesion strips, both the cork boards and the white board. The white board is excellent working medium when it comes to work studying, I purchased mine with a coupon from Office Depot when I was in high school and just took it with me to College.

This post was just to give you a glimpse into a college dorm/apartment life. If you have any questions, ask them in the comment section below, and I would be happy to answer them!

You can find college packing list of various websites to see get an idea of things you might want or need for day-to-day living.



P.S. You may have noticed a box fan in one of the photos, the rooms did not have fans in them, and the apartment thermostats only controls the common areas of the apartment. So you may want to invest in your own for dorm life, I think I may have paid $10 for mine.

*Tip 1: For those of us beauties who love hair accessories, i.e HATS!!! Take push pins and tack them to the wall in order to hang your glorious hat collection to not only adorn you walls and act as decor, but also to maximize space and eliminate clutter. (;

*Tip 2: Don’t feel as though you have to purchase everything yourself; if you are in contact with your roommates divide up the list of common things to be purchased. I myself was e-mailing back and forth with my roommates so that we wouldn’t have an overhaul of stuff cluttering the dorm (and to save everyone $$$). I brought the printer, someone else brought the dishes and silverware, someone brought a tv, and another brought a coffee maker.


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