College Series: Essentials

I don’t know about y’all, but I am one of the people who looks forward to going back to school, especially after TAX FREE WEEKEND!  I mean there’s nothing like new school supplies to start the school year off on right foot… Do you remember in elementary school, going into Walmart or Office Depot/Max, and seeing the display with the school supplies lists? We no longer get the luxury of that small convenience, so here is a short list of my college essentials to help y’all out.

Let’s talk dorms! I am so blessed to attend a university which offers its students the opportunity to live in either a typical dorm setting (two bed, one room) or an apartment-style dorm. With the apartment-style dorms there are three styles of living: the two rooms, two baths, living room, and kitchen, shared by four people; the four rooms, two baths, living room, and kitchen, shared by four people; and the three rooms, two baths, living room, and kitchen, also shared by four people.

I shared the two by two room with three other people; two of which were freshmen, and the inspiration for this post.

PRINTER: This is not really essential for everyone because printers take up a lot of desk room, and can be pretty pricey; plus all campuses have printers for you to print from, but imagine needing to print [confirmations, e-mails, or last-minute notes/papers] and its 1 a.m or the community printer is down or the library is closed/all the way across campus. This happened to a few people, and that’s when the random chaos ensues to scavenge for a printer, so don’t stress and be prepared.

REPORT COVERS/ WHOLE PUNCH/STAPLER: I know these seem pretty basic, but you wouldn’t believe how many people actually forget these. These babies are an inexpensive way to hand in a clean and professional looking reports. Oh! Don’t forget the staples(:

STACKABLE HANGERS: Your closet space is limited and these babies triple your closet space. Take it from a girl with a lot of clothes, I basically packed it all to take with me my freshman year. #extra

OVER-THE-BED STORAGE: Storage is everything when it comes to a dorm, you want to create it where you can to maximized every inch of your space (link below).

TRUNK: doubles both as extra storage for items you want to keep out-of-the-way and as a safe for personal items you want lock-up or keep out of sight (fits easily under your bed).

CANDLE WARMER: Are candles prohibited at your school? A candle warmer provides an easy flameless way to keep your dorm sweet-smelling and homey. All you have to do is plug it into an electrical outlet and the light bulb’s heat melts the candle wax (purchased separately) releasing the  aroma (Available at Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond, and of course



TIP: Download the app RetailMeNot and search coupons for Bed Bath and Beyond (sign-up for their e-mail rewards), Office Depot/ Max, etc. This little app saved me TONS of money when shopping for college.


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