College Series: All Summer ’15

Summer for some means exotic vacays, or sandy feet and (both kinds of) beachy waves; for others it’s a time to put their noses closer to the grind. My summer resembled the latter half of those scenarios; I had my nose in the books, specifically in a Spanish book.

This summer I took Spanish I online, and I can honestly say that I enjoyed it a lot less than my face-to-face math class. As for which learning style is better or more effective, if you are a dedicated and diligent, self-driven person then online studies are perfect for you. I myself fall in this category, but I am a tactile/auditory learner so I can’t handle strictly sitting in front of a monitor flipping between menus and tabs, scanning the monotony of black and white text.Don’t get me wrong taking an online class can be super easy, but be cognizant of how easy it is to complete and pass your online course without actually learning the materials.

With online work you have copy & paste (by this I mean instead of writing down the vocab or notes, I copy it into a document and hit print) screenshots, and the internet, granted some colleges have online courses that have an extra service that disable the right-click function and/or internet services to prevent the above mentioned dilemma, but still I retain more of the information when I am held responsible by a physical party.

Honestly, I am a higher performing student in a classroom setting versus an online one. The only reason that I took my class online is because the campus near my house didn’t offer in-class instruction (I wasn’t going to travel between two campuses to take both of my courses). Per my experience though, I  wouldn’t intentionally take another online course unless I came across the same scenario in which a course required for my degree wasn’t offered any other way.




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