“FILL in Myself”


I fortunately, have a natural arch in my brow, so I don’t worry about adding that in by way of waxing or threading. I literally just fill and set my brows, and when selecting your filler color, you always want to go a shade lighter than your natural hair color. You do not want to fill in with a shade similar to or darker, because it makes your eyebrows stand out in a bad way. Filling in your own brows with a color as dark as your natural hair color (I know, this fact confuses me too; shouldn’t my filler color be the same shade as my hair?). But the color intensifies and your brows that are too dark (in comparison to the rest of your features) look unnatural, also heavy filling with powders makes your brows do the same.

The key to filling in brows is to do so with a light touch, almost feathery. Don’t color or paint them in like they are you your first grade art project. This is the case no matter if you’re  using, brow gels, pencils, or powders, an uncontrollable hand is the enemy of all works of art!

Honestly, any drugstore eye shadow will work just the same(;

When it comes to filling in my own brows I prefer pencil and/or brow powder. My color in Anastasia Brow Powder is Ebony, but drugstore eyeshadow works just the same.

The key to filling in brows is with a light touch. Whether you are using, brow gels, pencils, or powders, a heavy hand is the enemy of all works of art! Heavy filling with powders makes your brows look fake. God made you beautiful and make-up is just supposed to enhance, not overpower. When I fill in my brows I start a little farther inside my brow (from where they start) and brush the powder up and out (brush in the natural direction of your hair growth). I don’t know why I start a little inward, I believe I read that somewhere, but I don’t remember where. Once I’ve filled ‘er up, I then use either brow wax or gel to set them.

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 8.03.02 PM
I used Revlon eyeshadow ;P
  • “Brow gel is the lighter of the two and is meant for eyebrow hairs that are thin and light. You’ll find that most brow gels come in a mascara-wand format; using the spoolie, brush on the gel through the eyebrows in the direction you want the brow hairs to go, and then let the gel dry.
  • “Brow wax is thicker, and as the name implies, it has a waxy texture. This type of arch-molding product is made for thicker, coarser and wavy brow hairs. Since these hairs are usually harder to keep in place, you need stronger holding power, which brow wax affords. Available in different shades, brow wax comes in either pencil form or in a jar. (Source)”

I use the brand Eylure (review) which I only recently discovered back in March (available at ULTA, not online).  I now only use Eylure. These products are really easy to work with. The wax, I apply in small amount, using a  spoolie brush I comb through my brows (up and out), and the great thing about wax is that it is buildable, so no need to pile it on. I prefer a clear color, only because I prefer the soft look they give my brows, but tints are cool as well. The gel comes with its own spoolie (“mascara wand”) and there is a lightweight clear coat on the brush that is flawless. Take your brow brush/comb duo (getting the hairs forming in all the same direction, of course) and then set your brows until your heart’s content!  That’s all folks! All I do for my brows in every photo you see, I fill and set or just set, it honestly depends on how lazy I am that day. 




They have their own site: Eylure Online, check them out!


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