Brow Down

Brows are where the shape and size actually matter. I am in no way an eyebrow expert, but I have picked up on the latest trend of thick and shapely eyebrows.  Jessie James Decker (Singer/Songwriter), who adamantly preaches against the dangers of walking around with “spermy-looking eyebrows;” Lily Collins (Actress) who’s always been ahead of the trend, rocking her wonderfully thick brows; to Cara Delevingne (Model) with her infamously BOLD standout brows; finally… the OG brow girl Brooke Shields.The trendiness of thick and full brows has given creed to eyebrow tinting and extension (yes, this is a real thing)! [extension inquiry]

I never really took much stalk in my eyebrows, until last year when I really started getting into makeup. I have always brush them and applied gel to keep tame them in, but my mother never would allow me to wax, pluck, thread, or tint my them, because “God gave you perfect eyebrows, why would you want to mess them up?” And like most mothers she is always right and as a result always know better, before I do (thank you mom). Here are what my untouched brows look like:

Brow (untouched)

My daily brown routine still consists of me brush and gelling, but occasionally I do fill them in, usually if I have time to do them the way I want. (It still takes me sometime to fill in my bows because I am new in my makeup application techniques.) My brows are naturally rounded and natural (brow sizing: thin, natural, thick). Some of y’all were probably blessed with very voluptuous eyebrows and I am envious, but I still thank God for the natural beauty he has blessed me with. Looking at your own brows and the chart provided in this post, recognize your own eyebrow shape and build upon them. Do not drastically reshape you brows to match your favorite celebs or your best friend’s, shape your brows using their natural God- given pattern as your guide.

I don’t know much in the way of shaping brows, but I do know that people do so to make their eyebrows symmetrical. Know this, eyebrows are not meant to be exactly symmetrical, so I don’t hang myself up on this aspect of their look, I focus on having “clean” brows instead!

Clean brows give way to your natural symmetry; clean brows differ from shaped brows in that they only remove excessive hair; which gathering between your two eyebrows and stray hairs that don’t align with the majority of your hairScreen Shot 2015-04-09 at 3.58.16 PM tracing your brow bone.

God knows your face the best, no magazine and “standard of beauty” should be applied to any original work of art. He gave you what you have because that’s what looks best on you, so own it! Notice that some of the eyebrow shapes in the diagram are sharper or squared verses soft and round. You don’t want your brows to over power you face, just to frame it and draw people closer to your gorgeous eyes. If you have square brows don’t try to make them round, and likewise if you have round, don’t try to make them square. Trying to do so is unnatural to the real growth and health of your brows and can dwindle them down to “spermy” nubs. So instead of shaping try cleaning!



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