PR: Physician Formula

Physicians Formula Eye Booster Lash Kit

I have recently stumbled across the newest innovation in lash technology… these little Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 10.38.58 PMtiny phenomenon known as, Lash Extension Fibers! Lash fibers are lightweight, sculpting fibers that build upon your own lashes to create a naturally voluminous lash look.

Makeup companies such as Younique, Too Faced, Tarte, and Make-up Forever have jumped on the lash fiber bandwagon, coming out with their own “brush on lash extensions”. The least of which cost $20 minimally, but recently I’ve stumbled across my beauty steal of the moment, Physicians Formula Eye Booster Lash Kit ($11.99) and it actually works!

Guaranteed longer, thicker, fuller lashes in minutes! The mascara/fiber duo is buildable and has a flawless after effect. The above photo displays three coats of mascara and two of the lash fibers. FOREWARNING: prepare yourself for tons of open eye contact and an outpour of lash compliments!


IMG_3159Here’s how to use it:

  1. Prep: Sweep lash-boosting mascara on to upper lashes to prep for fibers & layer on
    lash boosting ingredients.
  2. Extend: Brush-on extensions to upper lashes while mascara is still wet to instantly build lashes.
  3. Set: Reapply lash-boosting mascara to seal and set extensions. Repeat two and three for life changing lashes!


There are a lot of mixed of reviews on this product, but personally it works great for me! I am a contact wearer, so I was initially terrified that the lash fibers would migrate from the lash wand to my eyeball instead of my lashes. I have tried applying the mascara both before/after putting in my contacts, and while I was applying the lash fibers it felt like there were fibers in my eye (in a non irritating way), but I think they may have been my paranoia;  since I have applied this mascara for about a month now, and fibers have yet to make their way into my eyes. The mascara/fiber duo is kind of dry (not in a bad way), most mascara leave a wet tinge and feeling to lashes and their look, but this feels more like lash extensions, in the way that they feel dry and “naked”. Originally I blinked a lot because it felt so unnatural, but with frequency of wear it begins to feel natural. I love the lash look and feel now!  I know some people said the fibers fall everywhere and that they make a mess, but all you have to do is dust them off with a brush or tissue. Honestly, I only experienced this when I first applied the duo and every time afterwards there hasn’t been any fallout.

Lash extension fiber photoTXoxo,




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