Lashing Out


This thing I like to call the “Kardashian Kraze” produced two great obsessions, big butts and long luscious lashes. The beauty industry has erupted with lash [extension] lounges everywhere and lavish promises of extreme lash enhancements from serums to magic mascaras to lash to falsies. I have experimented with all options, except serum because I am not committed enough to apply the serum diligently, plus have you read some of the side effects? The most disconcerting of which, is the “irreversible skin darkening”… umm, no thank you! I just wanted longer, thicker lashes without the accompaniment of weird skin patches or eye irritation.

These little lashes have caused a big stir in recent years. I mean women have always sought after the luscious “butterfly effect” lashes institutionalized, first by Hollywood and then the beauty industry. I to obsess over having long beautiful eyelashes, even without any makeup on lashes just have a way of softening and/or enhancing your look. From subtly soft to sexy sultry, eyelashes have become a beauty class all their own.


  • PROS: Looks great and most sets of lashes are reusable for at least a couple of uses (depending of the care and cleanliness of the lashes).516mhdKS7OL._SX300_
  • CONS: TIME AND MONEY CONSUMING. Falsies are great for special occasions, which is my only use for them. Falsies can begin feeling heavy after extended wear; lashes are fickle depending on your application technique and the glue used. Lifting can occur throughout their wear, and often time’s (in my opinion) falsies look too unnatural. Use of them on a regular basis can damage your real lashes underneath.

Here are the ways falsies can cause damage to your real lashes:

  • PULL EFFECT: The glue used can create tension and can pull out the natural lashes when removed. Experts advise caution:  If you use them gently, take them off, don’t wear them all the time, it will be fine.
  • GLUE EFFECT: But the glue which bonds the lash strips to the eyelid can cause irritation if the lashes are slept in and the glue is not removed properly. Most of the time if you damage your hair or the eyelashes, the body will recover. If you stop using whatever is causing the damage then the eyelashes can recover and grow. However, if you have caused permanent damage, there will be a gap in the eyelash, and the only solution for that is surgical lash transplant, a costly and time-consuming affair (Source).

*I would also like to point out that application is time-consuming and kind of stressful for amateurs like myself (always allow yourself plenty of time to apply falsie correctly and have patience while applying, this will help you meet your best result!)


  • PROS: Generally INEXPENSIVE in the way of lash enhancement. Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 8.55.08 AMLayering mascara creates dynamic lash looks, and there are many different formulas and wand designs to cater to everyones’ lash needs.
  • CONS: Mascara can clump and sometimes requires just as much time and patience as falsies. Sometimes to produce desired lengths and volume it requires tremendous efforts on our part, from eyelash curling, to mixing multiple tubes of mascara, to combing out lashes to remove clumps and separate the lashes. Also, throughout the day mascara can run or dissolve and strong lash game can start to fade in the last quarter. Some people may find that waterproof mascara eliminates the last concerns, I do not like the effect waterproof formulas have on my lashes, and the consistency of the mascara and the weight on my lashes just does not leave me with my desired lash effect.


My best lash experience has been with The Lash Lounge®, my lashes looked natural and I never had to worry about them. My regular lashes were damage free, I received tons of compliments and I just smiled differently when I had them. The Lash Lounge specializes in semi-permanent lash extensions. A lash expert individually glues the extending individual lash to your natural lash. You have to get a “touch-up” every three weeks (about) because they attached to your real lashes that shed.

*Be gentle with extensions since these glue on top of your natural lashes, excessive rubbing and vigorous washing of your eye area, can pull at the delicate skin around your eye and rip out not only the extensions, but the lash underneath.

  • PROS: This procedure is extremely safe and sanitary; they shed away from your eyes naturally. Unlike its counter-options, when an infection occurs your only obligation  to do is to let the lashes fall out naturally and stop getting new lash extensions until the infection goes away.
  • CONS: EXPENSIVE maintenance! The cost of maintenance is an investment. As a college student, I find that I would rather spend my funds elsewhere, but when my mom was footing the bill for them it was fabulous. 


Lightweight, sculpting fibers that build upon your own lashes to create a naturally voluminous lash look.

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 10.38.58 PM

  • PROS: Naturally voluminously longer lashes in less than five minutes. Allows for the same PRO disclaimer as regular mascara.
  • CONS: FALLOUT! Not all lash fibers go directly from the wand to your lash, fibers fall to the face but are easily removes with a tissue or clean face brush for dusting.

I want to know! Leave a comment below on your lash experience(s): good or bad, tips or tricks, or fave products you use. I especially want to hear about lash serum experience, I don’t feel as though I would ever use one, but I would still like to know what y’all think.




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