Hey Y’all,

It has been a minute since I last chatted y’all up, so here is an update on what has kept me occupied for the past two weeks (or so)… Hint below:



STRESS, STRESS, STRESS! Do you ever experience those periods where you feel as though there aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything. Some days I feel so productive, and other days I don’t. On the latter days, sometimes I feel panicked as if I am wasting time, but on others I feel as though I have all the time in the world; this happens when I surrender unto everything  in my life and come to the conclusion that there is no more that can be done to alter the outcome of whatever I have left to conquer (or I just stop caring all together).

For me dead week is always stressful. No matter the grade in my classes or how much I study leading up to this point, I always have mild panic attacks, during the last weeks of school. Teachers and professors alike seem to find no better times to assign projects (like the weekends I spent doing nothing, panicking that I had nothing do), and they save it all for the last two weeks of school. Let me tell you, I have been officially done with all of them since before Thanksgiving break. Last week alone I had a digital media project, an essay, two exams, and three finals to turn in; rolling into this week I had two essays, a make-up exam, and two finals, not to mention I still haven’t packed for WINTER BREAK!

What helps though, are all the “study breaks” on campus. Last night there were two study breaks, at 7pm they had stress relief puppies to play with, where they bring puppies to campus and allow the students to have playtime with the puppies. The other night there were s’mores at the fire pit, and I almost forgot  about after puppy playtime, my dorm provided us with Jimmy Johns, coffee, henna tattoos, and yoga lessons. It was a lot of fun and took my mind off of a lot of things that have me “flipping desks”! Any who, after all the breaks, I came home and took a long shower and began typing this post.

But this was another amazing week that I got to spend here at the campus I love, in my choice field of study, and with the wonderful people God has placed in my life. From this point on, whatever happens during the rest of this week, it is all in God’s hands now, and I give Him all the honor and glory, forever and ever amen.




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