During a hall meeting last week, each of us was asked to share something we were thankful for that week. I shared the following:

Every week I have a CHEM lab that is run by a T.A., and this week I walked into class wearing a maxi dress. I started off the lab as usual, wearing my PPE equipment and progressing through the parts of my lab manual, through with part A of the experiment before she came over to me and said that my dress did not fall within lab mandated dress code. I politely asked how so, and she said that I couldn’t wear a dress in a laboratory setting. I had never heard of this before, the dress code clearly states that you cannot wear dangly jewelry; your hair must be pulled back; tight sleeve or short sleeves; your legs must be covered to your ankles, and lastly, closed-toe shoes, and knew that I met these requirements, because I specifically dressed myself to do so.  Even so, I didn’t contest her judgements, I simply asked if I may complete the rest of my lab since I already had one-third of the assignment done. The T.A. hesitated in considering my request, she then informed me that the protocol for dress code violations in lab was to assign zeroes since the lab would be missed. She was generous enough to allow me to turn in what I had already completed instead. I was very appreciative of that, and so I  said okay and gave God His praise, because a thirty-three was better than a zero. I turned in my lab and left.

On my way back to my dorm I called my mom to tell her what had happened, and her advice was to  find a dean to complain, and let them know that I was unaware that dresses were not allowed in lab. I told her I would look into it, not really wanting to because it made sense since I understood why pants was probably the better option, and the T.A. was just doing her job; but it didn’t matter because less than two hours after I hung up the phone with my mom I received an e-mail from my lab instructor saying that she heard about the incident in lab and that her opinion was that I fell within dress code. She offered me three different dates and times to come in and make up the lab. I was so thankful in that moment that I could not help but give God the glory! He had turned my insignificant misfortune to work for my good. #GodIsGood




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