PR: *College Series* VB Campus Backpack vs. Lighten Up Backpack

I’m the kind of girl who can get super impatient, so when I order things offline in anticipation of the receipt of those item(s) I continually look them up online (let me know if y’all do that to or if I’m the only one),  I was browsing the Vera Bradley (VB) website yesterday and I noticed there were finally reviews (only 3) posted about the new “Lighten Up” backpack,  so I am going to discuss some of the critiques, concerns, and comments about the bag that didn’t sit right with me. Don’t get me wrong 2/3 gave it four stars or greater, but one gave it three, but I would have to say that she was just using it wrong, and I’ll explain.

Some of the discontent stemmed from the backpack’s composition and how when compared to the quality of VB’s past backpacks this one seemed less sturdy and not as well-made as its quilted counterpart. I understand where this review is coming from, but I still feel as though the reviewer didn’t take time to consider that the transformation between the backpacks doesn’t implore the lost of quality, but a change in quality. I mean a quilted backpack is comfy and thick because it is made out of thick FABRIC, not to diminish the quality of a non-fabricated VB backpack.

For myself the quilted backpack was perfect for my lower-level education (6-12 grade) and I even continued to use it into my freshman year of college, but my school has a severe rainy season and not having  water-resistant backpack ended up costing me the price of a ruined rented textbook. This is why I am now elated with the water-resistant VB bag. I also understand that the bag is no longer quilted, and therefore does not compare to the quality of past VB style backpacks. The “Lighten Up” version is more readily equated to backpacks acrylic-infused ones such as the Jansport brand. To compare them further read below:

Lighten Up *larger than “Campus”

  • Lightweight, durable and water-resistant
  • Two roomy main compartments
  • Front pocket with organization and ID window
  • Padded straps and back
  • Select colors can be monogrammed
  • Water Resistant

Campus Backpack

  • Extra-large interior
  • Two front zip pockets
  • headphone grommet
  • padded straps and back
  • inside organization, plus an ID window
  • Non water-resistant

*Advice: Either backpack is great, selecting one is based on preference and circumstance (i.e. size: based on the amount of things its suppose to carry; style: what ever feels comfortable to you and fits your needs). Consider the environment also when selecting your bag. Enclosed campuses (elem., middle, high schools) quilted is perfect, because if it rains you are still indoors when you have to switch classrooms, but open-campuses (universities) you are fighting against the outdoor elements (and so does your backpack; snow, rain, etc.)

Remember your backpack is meant to carry school essentials, not your whole life like a suit case(and yes the straps will dig into your back and you will have back pain if you try to carry your life on your back, that is what rolling luggage and backpacks are for)! So many girls over haul everything! We stuff our purses and bag as long as we can still find space, or until we have to do the dreaded purse dump to find our keys. Don’t do that!

A single backpack cannot carry your school supplies, personal items, change of clothes, all of your meals for the day, and your athletic equipment/band instrument. That is why gym bags and lockers were invented, besides no girl wants to carry her purse, backpack, and gym bag around, that just turns you into a bag lady.

I hope this helps, thank for letting me rant!




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