College Series: Vera Bradley Campus Backpack Review


I get so excited when it comes to back-to-school shopping, so excited in fact that I take the ENTIRE summer to relish in the search and comparison of new and old products. When I was back in high school, I purchased a backpack from the new Vera Bradley series in 2011, and it was in the color “Provencal” (below), which I absolutely adored.

Campus Backpack $109
Campus Backpack $109

It was a high quality backpack with its vibrant, quilted color pattern, and it ambiguity towards the seasons (it looked great in both the fall and summer). I loved this backpack so much that I kept it for three years when I usually buy a new backpack every fall. The straps were phenomenally constructed with both cushion and structure, they never dug into my shoulders and they also relieved some of the pressure applied by the weight of my heavy textbooks. This backpack was perfect, until I went to college…

Quite a few times while I was at school my campus flooded! The rain came pouring in hard and heavy, and though I had an umbrella the circumference  didn’t cover both the backpack  and myself. My backpack ended up getting completely soaked after I walked to my class (on the opposite side of campus), damaging one of my rented textbooks. I then had to turn around buy the ruined mess in its entirety at the end of the semester because my backpack had absorbed so much rain, the saturation released into its interior.On top of having to pay for my rented textbook I also had to wash the backpack to prevent mildew/mold spores from forming.

Anyone who is an affluent VB girl is aware, to properly clean a bag, you must first remove the cardboard planks inserted in the base and back of the backpack before washing it. Noticing that they had become swollen and misshapen do to moisture build-up between the each layer of the cardboard. I ended up tossing the supports, but the backpack still held up fine after the fact.

There wasn’t any loss of comfort, but the wear-and-tear on the backpack’s bottom was clear. The pointy edges of my books along with the sheer weight of my school materials wore a whole into the base of the bag, making it necessary for me to buy a new backpack for this upcoming school year. Throughout the rest of the year I managed to evade any further damage to my bag by wrapping it inside of a trash bag. I


  • Beautiful design
  • Colorful
  • Comfortable
  • Supportive
  • Cushioned
  • Girly
  • Soft


  • High maintainece
  • non water-resistant

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