I’m Jasmine, a curly girl born and raised deep in the heart of TX (hence the site name). I’m a twenty-something pre-nursing student and the curator of this lovely site. So I’m glad y’all have somehow made your way here, so read on, browse around, and stay awhile!

I’m really excited to welcome y’all into my amazing exploration of the multifaceted worlds of beauty and fashion. This site is by no mean a professional portfolio of perfectly winged eyeliner, intricately coiffed hair, or flawlessly applied makeup; this is also not my first attempt at a blog, but hopefully it is my last! I finally believe that the original vision I possessed for a blog has a new maturity and direction that I am now more apt to follow; to go along with that, here are a few of my short-term goals (because I love list) that I’ve set for to achieve by the end of the year:

  • produce and promote quality content
  • 500 followers/subs (in order to…)
  • [finally] purchase my domain name

A little about me…

I have always had a growing fascination with make-up, but have had little time or patience to learn or teach myself, so I’m glad we’re friends now because maybe we can help each other out! Fill free to exchange tips and tricks with me in the comments and be as interactive as you like, I’m very social and would love to converse!